Cristiano Ronaldo shortens waiting for a new Bugatti-specific Ferrari in an even more specific configuration


A well-known football player once again extends his fleet.

General information

In the case of top athletes, it is customary that their earned money travels extensively to fleet expansion, however, by way of exclusivity. Cristiano Ronaldo is also a good example, and his social networks are indeed booming with new four-necked additions. In addition, the native Portuguese is definitely one of those who cares for the most expensive ones. In association with his name, the last time in the big talk is especially about the 1,500-horse Chiron, as recently it came to the surface of the information that it belongs among the very tight cream waiting to deliver the new Bugatti. He will have to wait for a while, since his production in the sense of a consultant has not yet happened.

However, the wait is obviously shortened by another toy – the Instagram praised his new Ferrari F12tdf. This is a special version of the well-known F12-ky, which is a lightweight and more powerful version, which comes in limited numbers of just 799 units. Under its front hood an atmospheric twelve- horse with a power of 574 kW/ 780 horses and 705 Nm Futbalist specimens boasts a very specific configuration, as the TDF-ko ordered individualized within the Tailor Made courtesy program. The result is unusual red body paint, custom carbon details and decors, or black discs and yellow brakes. Finally, let’s mention speed parameters – the F12tdf accelerated to a hundred in just 2.9 seconds, with a maximum speed of over 340 km/ h. Estimating the price is difficult, but the basic version starts at about € 300,000 without tax.

It passed 400-thousand kilometers, and only 7 percent lost battery capacity. Tesla’s Model S owner has been pleasantly surprised

Great work, Elon.

The electric car of a Finnish taxi driver has a fairly decent milestone – half a mile from him, but he still has several hundreds of thousands of them without having to replace the worn-out battery with a new one. After visiting the service, he found that he had 93 percent of his original capacity.

Yes, after driving such a huge distance, it lost only 7 percent. The Teslarati Web site explored the story.

The S- equipped 85 kWh battery was purchased in 2014 and when it was 400,000 miles on the display, it was given a new electric motor under the warranty to get everything tip-top again and drive without any complications. And as this time he did not pay for anything, he’d hit the luxury hi-tech sedan just a fraction of the cost of the traditional car owners with the combustion engine.


The simplicity of the electrical system and the presence of advanced software, which the Tesla automaker can solve a lot of problems without visiting a service center, are among the main advantages of electric vehicles from its modest portfolio. In addition, a recent study, thanks to data from 900 users around the world, says the battery’s capacity will drop to 80 percent after over 800,000 kilometers, so it’s definitely something to praise.


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