IBM launches its data warehouse service in the cloud


The DashDB data warehouse is based on in-memory technology and allows companies to accelerate data analysis

Entering an increasingly competitive market, IBM launched a cloud- based data warehouse service. The goal is to offer companies a way to analyze their operations while avoiding the complexity involved in running such an in-house system.

“So far it was necessary to go through a series of steps to get to the data. Now the situation is changing. Companies want instant access to data, “said Derek Schoettle, IBM’s general manager for cloud services.

Available on the IBM Bluemix portal, the IBM DashDB Enterprise MPP (massive parallel processing) offers a fully managed data warehouse, which potentially allows companies to save costs and problems associated with creating such a system.

IBM is not the only one offering online warehouse. DashDB must compete not only with Amazon’s Redshift and Microsoft’s SQL Data Warehouse, but also with start-up offerings such as Snowflake Computing and Coolodata.

A data warehouse provides a space for formatting and storing data so that it can be analyzed in depth, eliminating the need to conduct such analysis in the primary database, which would slow down its performance.

“DashDB is ideal for exploratory data exploration and can respond to overly demanding queries to run in a database, ” Schoettle said.

For example, a financial services company could use a scalable data warehouse to identify purchasing trends and analyze sales data in detail.

In addition to the launch of DashDB, IBM is also releasing a series of tools to easily move workloads from Netezza data warehouses and Oracle and DB/2 databases.


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