Iconic California comes in XXL packs. The full-size dwelling on the wheels has taken real dimensions


The question remains whether or not serial production will occur and how much this will happen.

General information

It’s not been long before we informed you about Volkswagen ‘s plans to come up with the much larger Californian market we’ve been accustomed to. The speech is about California XXL, that is to say, a car that is no longer built on the basis of the Transporter model, but on Crafter’s larger supply class. Last time, however, we talked about just some ambitions or plans to build something like this, but at this moment the interesting vision is a reality. At the Düsseldorf caravan fair, California with the addition of XXL has gained a real dimension, so we know how the Volkswagen family can expand to the last detail. The secret is not that even though the automaker has completely unveiled the news in its final form, it is only talking about the study and the serial production is not confirmed. So what does XXL produce?

Crafter and its large bodywork ensured a spectacular design for the interior space, so California XXL is hiding a lot in its bowels. The dominant feature is generous freedom of movementin the rear (up to 2200 millimeters in height), where no more than two meters long beds are missing. The Gro back area, where the pair of front seats can be rotated 180 degrees, is a practical kitchen where there are plenty of storage compartments, a refrigerator, a sink, a worktop and, of course, gas burners. However, the advantage of the XXL version is mainly a practical corner serving as a bathroom with shower and toilet. Technicians inform that despite the large size (6238 x 2030 x 2900 millimeters), the camper van is exceptionally well designed for aerodynamic air resistance. Fully electrified operation with a large fresh and waste water tank powers the 2.0 TDIwith a power output of 130 kW/ 177 hp and a 410 Nm torque. The standard is the automatic transmission and four-wheel drive 4Motion, the interesting feature of the air chassis. We will not know the price yet.

Elon Musk says it will be an immortal beast. Tesla will soon introduce an electric truck with hi-tech equipment

Semi will be a reality.

The young, but modern American automaker does not want to stay in the electric cars for ever. Its ambitions are much higher than we are in the end of October, not September. Exactly, Tesla Semi’s longer-informed truck will soon be a reality. So what can we expect?

Elon himself used the term ” beštia ” and ” unbelievable “, which was supposed to mean a great stamina for one battery charge and high performance. More details are not yet available. It can be assumed that the electric truck is equipped with very advanced technologies that should take control. No, no sci-fi, pikes related to the special autonomous system were floating on the surface early August of this year.


If Semi had him anyway, he could come in without a single assistant in that way with a number of similarly self-confident trucks, which would initially lead a companion vehicle with a live driver. However, as development progresses, one day the computer can handle it myself.

Tesla wants to show her newcomer to the whole world exactly on October 26th.


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