Iconic combo or super sport with revolutionary drive. Audi presents its new jellyfish in the fire


The Frankfurt Motor Show is a place where Audi’s stool can not be missed.

General information

The first of Audi’s biggest innovations in Frankfurt is the top-of-the-line RS4 Avant. The long-awaited variant will be offered for the first time in China, which is, of course, an important milestone for automakers, especially if it is probably the only efficient wagon in a given segment in the Chinese market. With regard to design, this course, of course, comes out of the conventional Avant, but in terms of tradition, the RS4-ka has taken about 30 millimeters in width, as the fenders come out of the body a bit more. The new is standard on 19-inch wheels, but there is also a bigger boot at the surcharge, but it’s no surprise that the exterior as such is in a spirit similar to the one most recently introduced in the RS5-ka, with more bumpers with larger openings guaranteeing more aggressive Face, the headlamps received a darker background, while a rear spoiler, massive diffuser and traditional oval exhausts were added at the rear.

Why this car?

Mention certainly needs to be specific and shade Nogaro Blue, which serves mainly as a link to the glorious past, since the identical color was painted first generation RS4 Avant in 1999. The interior is dotted with a carbon lining, or its imitation, lacking steering wheel, fully digital instrument the Audi Virtual Cockpit shield or the head-up display and the newly-shaped sports seats. But the technology under the hood is more important.

We must forget about the previous atmospheric eighth, as the 2.9-liter six-speed biturbo was moved behind the front. Its performance potential reaches 450 horsepower, which is paradoxically the same as the predecessor. In the presence of 600 Nm (plus 170 Nm), the car delivers better agility and speed. Nobody is surprised to find that all four wheels are powered, so the legendary quattro remains the only drive. Especially thanks to it, the helmet can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/ h in just 4.1 secondseps, the maximum speed is 250 km/ h. However, as usual, it is possible to shift the limiter to a level of 280 km/ h at an extra cost, but this medium-class combination can be more certain. The presence of a new and especially smaller engine guarantees significantly lower consumption – the brand says an average of 8.8 l/ 100 km. Finally, an optimized 8-speed automatic gearbox, or 80 kilograms lower weight than the predecessor, is also worth it. The new Audi RS4 Avant starts in the German market with a price tag of less than € 80,000, but if you reach the sporty differential or carbon-ceramic brakes, the price tag can be distinguished.

The second, much more interesting thing from the Audi is the special version of the top super sport. R8 is coming to the scene in the V10 RWS, more important than the eight-cylinder itself is in this case the drive type. Behind the RWS is the Rear Wheel Series, which is the rear-wheel-drive R8, which is really unexpected for Revolutionary Audi, but it is the first R8 ‘s never -ending history in history. The absence of the quattra thus makes the news a truly sought-after to purist car, although yes, you will not get a manual gearbox. Germans still offer their biggest sporting pride exclusively with a double-link gearbox. As a result, it is again the same technology that Lamborghini Huracán Group in LP580-2 boasts. But the difference is power.


The center-mounted ten-cylinder engine produces 540 hp and 540 Nm, which is 40 hp less than the Italian sibling. The car then puts 50 kilograms less weight, and therefore German superport weighs only 1590 kilograms in this case. Of course, the absence of the quattro drives somewhat slower acceleration – from 0 to 100 km/ h, the R8 V10 RWS accelerates with 3.7 seconds (+0.2 s), while the maximum speed is 320 km/ h. The RWS will be on hand as a roofless version, where the speed parameters are also slightly worse – 3.8 seconds and a maximum of 318 km/ h. Design changes virtually no one to expect, the difference is only a bunch of details. As only 999 pieces are created, each of the specimens will have a unique plaque in the interior. The secret is not even that RWS-ko will be a few thousand euros cheaper than the classic version of the quattro.


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