Teradata’s news between Customer Experience and Big Data


At the Dublin Hadoop Summit Teradata presented its innovations between data lake, Apache Spark and a new customer analytics solution.

During the Dublin Hadoop Summit, Teradata announced that its subsidiary Think Big, a global consulting firm with extensive distribution expertise in Apache Spark and other Big Data technologies, is expanding its data lake and managed service offerings. thanks to the use of Apache Spark. Spark is an open source cluster platform used for product recommendations, predictive analysis, analysis of sensor-generated data, graph analysis and much more.

Today customers can use a data lake with Apache Spark on cloud, in generic “Hadoop” commodity environments or with Teradata’s Hadoop Appliance, ready-to-use, pre-configured and optimized enterprise platform to run large enterprise workloads on big data.

Despite the interest in Spark continues to increase, many companies find it difficult to keep up with the constant release of new versions of the open source platform. Think Big has successfully incorporated Spark into its structure for the construction of enterprise data lake and analytical applications.

“Many companies are experimenting with the use of Apache Spark – in the hopes of leveraging its strengths with streaming data, queries and analytics – often together with a data lake,” said Philip Russom, Ph.D., director of data management research, The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). “Users immediately realize that Spark is not easy to use and that data lakes require more planning and planning than they thought. In this case it is necessary to turn to consultants and service providers managed with a proven experience of Apache Spark and data lake accumulated on different customers “.


Think Big is building replicable service packages for Spark distribution, including adding Apache Spark as the execution engine for its Data Lake and its managed service offerings. Through Think Big Academy, its training division, the consulting firm is also launching a new series of Spark training activities for corporate clients.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, these classes aim to train managers, developers and administrators to use Spark and its various modules, including machine learning, graphing, streaming and querying. “Our consulting business is rapidly expanding from the Americas to Europe and China because the demand for expertise, experience and methods to help companies get a data lake using Spark and Hadoop is growing exponentially and on the first try ” said Ron Bodkin, president of Think Big.

The other Teradata announcement in Dublin concerned the Customer Satisfaction Index, a new system dedicated to the marketing professional who aims to replace the previous Net Promoter Score for the measurement of the probability of recommendation in the retail sector. The solution created with this new index (Teradata Csi Analytic Solution) is able to measure customer experiences by identifying causes and traces of their satisfaction (or lack of satisfaction) for a product or service.

With the support of Teradata consultants, models and a tailor-made analytical workflow are developed in just a few weeks. The analysis algorithms can then be performed by any business user without advanced programming and Sql skills. According to the analyst Robin Bloor, this approach, which “democratizes” the analysis evolved first in the hands exclusively of programmers and data scientists, represents the future of customer analytics.


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