The desire for IoT in the company is so great, but there is still a lot to do


According to a survey by Zebra Technologies, investments in IoT grow, but one in two companies does not have a plan to overcome the resistance to its adoption.

Zebra Technologies, a company specializing in handheld computers, scanners and bar code printers, announced the results of the first edition of the Intelligent Enterprise Index. This global online survey, which involved a wide range of sectors (healthcare, manufacturing, retail and logistics), analyzes the extent to which companies find themselves in the process of transformation into an Intelligent Company and how they are connecting the digital and physical worlds to improve visibility, efficiency and growth.

48% of companies are already taking steps to become an Intelligent Company, scoring scores between 50 and 75 points on the general index (only 5%, however, exceeds 75 points). The scores are based on certain criteria such as the vision and plan for the adoption of the Internet of things (IoT) and the involvement of the business in the development of a plan for the return of investments in IoT.

The vision on IoT is strong and investments are destined to grow. 42% of companies spend more than a million dollars annually on IoT solutions, with an average of 3.1 million dollars a year. 75% expect these figures to increase in the next one or two years, while 42% of companies expect their IoT investments to increase by 11-20%. N Despite only 36% currently can count on an implementation of IoT entire enterprise, it is expected that 62% will implement in the future the entire organization.

70% of the companies involved say that the biggest impulse for IoT investments comes from improving the customer experience. For the future, the increase in profits (53%) and the expansion towards new markets (51%) are considered as the most important drivers.

However, many organizations lack an adoption plan. More than 50% of companies expect resistance in the process of adopting their IoT solutions, but despite this they do not have a plan ready to address them and only 21% of those who expect resistance have a plan to resolve them.

Finally, almost 70% of companies share information from their IoT solutions with their employees more than once a day (more than two thirds of these companies share them in real time or near real time). However, only 32% provide operational information to all employees and information is provided in the form of email (69%) or raw data (62%).

“An Intelligent Company can leverage links between the physical and digital worlds to improve visibility and enable operational insights that create a better customer experience, drive operational efficiency, or enable new business models. Of course many are still building their strategies for IoT, but we are seeing sectors that have identified cases of precise use and are developing solutions in a disruptive way,” said Tom Bianculli, CTO of Zebra Technologies.


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