The fastest 4-seater convertible in the world? Brabus is second in rank


With an 8-cylinder non-roof version, the German tuner also releases into a 12-cylinder version.

General information

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Cabriolet, with a price of € 258,000, is currently the most expensive 4-star star on the market (no special or limited edition). There is no doubt about it, especially considering that it is a flagship with the most expensive car body variant and a royal twelve-horse under the hood. The 630-horsepower luxury yacht without a roof can accelerate for one hundred in 4.1 seconds and traditionally have a top speed of 250 km/ h. However, Brabus comes to play but he has just taken this exclusive look, and the result is again a magnificent work. Of course, most attention was drawn to that twelve-year-old driver, resulting in an increase in volume from 6 liters to 6.3 liters. At the same time, a pair of new corporate turbochargers was added, with neither a cooling system nor a 7-speed automatic transmission. Subsequently, the exhaust pipe was completely exchanged and the software intervened, bringing the breathing data back to the final.

Why this car?

The German tuner says that the Brabus 900 Rocker Cabriolet model will be able to shoot out of the hundreds for just 3.9 seconds. This is not the most dazzling at first glance, but realize that it is a rear-wheel drive car. Even more, the top-of-the-line box will catch up with 350 km/ h. This is a bit more coffee, and as Brabus says, in this discipline it has, along with the slightly weaker Brabus 850 Cabriolet, the fastest 4-seater convertible in the world.Even design changes can not be overlooked. Both the exterior and the interior have gone through a number of hits that add to aggressiveness and exclusivity, especially when talking about external carbon mounts – front splitter, side sills, rear diffuser, rear distant reflective edge and remaining details of the optical aero packet. Of course, it is not a good shoe, in the case of a photograph in the photos it is a 22 ” Brabus Monoblock F. We can continue to look at the interior, dominated by a black and white color combination, genuine wood decors, corporate rugs and the like.

The new RS5-ka has also called for a higher competition in the race. Has the M5 and AMG E 63 succeeded?

Papier inequalities with (relatively) surprising results.

It’s not long since Mat Watson of Carwow, on the occasion of the arrival of the new Audi RS5, stood side by side with the three middle class competitors. Even before the start of the sprint, it was clear that the quattro drive will make its rivals, especially in the first few meters, in a great deal of trouble. That’s what happened. Today we have another similar race from his workshop where the 450-hp coupe from Ingolstadt has called for greater exclusivity. The 600-horsepower BMW M5 in the 30 Jahre edition and finally the 612-horsepower Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. Papier’s highly unbalanced fight again brought an interesting result, even though this time the storm was a different drive – the top M5-ka, at the time of the previous generation, relied only on rear drive, but as seen on the video, Mat Watson himself he had to do to scrape 600 horses on his ass. So, do you understand why even BMW comes with four-wheel drive ? By the way, you can also find the answer in the competitive E63-ke, which 4Matic + gave its competitors as a starter.


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