The new luxury Continental GT has once again strengthened its weight, knocked on weight and, in particular, picked up its beauty


The most widely spread Bentley comes in its third generation.

General information

If the luxurious Grand Tourer is said to be the first to come up with the Continental GT. The British Coupe actually defines the exact category, or if you want a segment, it is also his most widespread and most successful representative. Years go by, and there is no surprise that the plan is new, in the third generation. But we know this now, before the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the official world premiere is scheduled to take place. Interestingly, Bentleyat the solemn discovery, picked the same day as the Porsche Group, and so within a few hours we met the two most important two-brand models within the VW Group. Initial information and spy photos have shown that the novelty is especially distinctive from the predecessor, although the popular Bentley still retains its festive look. The third sequel comes with considerably more dynamic lines, and at the same time does not work as cumbersome as it has been so far.

Why this car?

The most delightful report is the fact that the Briti really did not deceive, and the new GT in the finale really relies heavily on the previous EXP 10 Speed ​​6 concept. The Continental GT, with the order number three, brings more attractive and interesting shapes, while at the same time it looks more sporty, but still retains many elegant elements. The front is dominated by a massive mask and a pair of headlamps of different dimensions. Lighting takes care of Matrix-LED technology packed in spectacular crystal glass. The side silhouette suggests a more dynamic potential, as evidenced by the flowing downward roof, which directly follows the back. There we find a much narrower end seacoast lights and traditional oval pair of exhaust tips.

Bentley talks about a number of new lacquers, with the result that the automaker will offer up to 17. Of course, the most demanding clients will not miss individual shades. The fitment as standard will take care of 21 “wheels surcharge it is possible B-čko fitted to 22-kami. Significant progress has undergone consequently the interior, where we find a completely new dashboard. The redesigned three-spoke steering wheel we find a fully digital alarm clock y, the center of the dashboard is then formed by a 12.3-inch infotainment display panel. As the brand itself, Bentley Rotating Displayis the first rotating display that can be fully folded or tilted. The cockpit, of course, forms a tangle of the finest (mostly handmade) materials of all sorts of colors. As it continues to be a luxury 2 + 2 gétéčko, at the back there are no more seats for any additional crew.

We can not omit the engine compartment, where the thrones continue to thrive the massive W12-ka. The new generation, however, is supposed to rely on the newly-developed 6-liter unit that results in up to 635 hp and 900 Nm. Speed ​​parameters speak for acceleration from 0 to 100 km/ h in only 3.7 seconds, while the maximum speed is up to 333 km/ h. These are undoubtedly wonderful numbers, especially if we write that the Continental GT weighs 2244 kilograms. It is more than certain that sooner or later we will see even weaker and stronger versions. Intergenerationally, however, there was a loss of about 80 kilograms. The transmission of power is ensured by an 8-speed dual-link gearbox, which ensures fast and smooth shifting.


In addition to the exquisite exterior and interior design, the Briti has also wowed extensively on techniques, far from it all. Previous tests, particularly the famous Nürburgring, have indicated that the technicians have also focused on perfect chassis tuning. As a result, Dynamic Ride is built on a 48-volt network, or chassis based on electromotors. In simple terms, electric motors have to adjust the position of the stabilizers so that they push them downwards in the turns on the outer wheels while on the inner ones. This is a significant elimination of the tilting of the body, which is also suggested by previous rides on the North Loop. Smarter will be soon, as the new Continental GT will be the biggest ride and highlight of the Bentley stand at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.


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