You would be looking for a more luxuriant 7-pack. BMW celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Individual Division with a great uniqueness


Wooden rugs? So we probably did not have it yet.

General information

This year’s celebration is a celebration for the BMW Individual division, as it is exactly 25 years since this court came into being. There’s probably no reason to remind her that her job is to individualize BMWs in the spirit of premium equipment, especially with regard to luxury accessories and details that you do not find in the classic equipment. It can not be wondered, therefore, that the German premium carmaker on this occasion brings a special and thus celebrated edition to the 25th anniversary of BMW Individual, which brought together the brand with Nautor’s Swan. The co-operation with decades established by the luxury and high-performance yacht company brings its other fruits, this time being a truly unique one. The Topmodel from Munich, or M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence, comes up with an inspired modern sailboat. The exterior covers the Damascus red body color and decent white lines, with 20 “discs with a polished surface that covers a number of covered chrome.

Why this car?

The interior is decorated with two-tone leather – light Smoke White with dark Criollo. The Merino skin with pronounced pores is found wherever we look, of course, there is no aluminum, well-known sun blinds, a panoramic roof, plenty of screens or Nautor’s Swan logos. Clearly the biggest highlight is something else. As the cooperation with a luxury yacht company suggests, the ultra-luxurious version of the seven-seater Bavarian comes with special “carpets”. Instead of rubber, plastics, fabrics, skins or any fur, we find legs of teakwood that originated directly in Finland. Their individual parts separate the handmade rubber seal, which makes it possible for the wood to work peacefully even when changing temperatures. This wood also produces decorative sill bars, interior decors, and even tilting tables or luggage compartment floor (by the way, white Alcantara ). Finally, the 6-liter 12-twin twin-turbo engine with 610 hp and 800 Nm of 6-liter twin- turbocharged can be accelerated by xDriva to accelerate to just one hundred and three hundreds of equnds. Price sessions are not known.

Millions hide their expensive cars in front of hurricane Irma in a unique Miami building

The 200-meter building guarantees protection from hurricanes up to the fifth degree.

Most Florida residents have been trying to move north, for the reasons of bad weather, over the past few days, along with the most valuable what they could get and know. In the case of families with a larger fleet of cars, but especially of automotive collectors or the wealthy, the problem is the logistics of their tenants. There is an interesting option in Miami. The high-rise Porsche Design Tower, known for its unique interior design, offers the opportunity to keep your cars safe. In its bowels, there are parking spaces and an elevator system, where vehicles are in the elevatorrelocate. One of the building developers, Gila Dezera, was approached by several owners of expensive cars on the occasion of Hurricane Irma, or could be kept there for four-year-olds. The Porsche Design Tower guarantees protection from hurricanes up to the fifth degree, plus, as Dezer said, his friends call him saying he really is the safest place for millionaires and their exclusive cars. In addition, before the hurricane, the building was equipped with additional pumps to eliminate flooding, with a 24-hour service in the building to maintain dryness inside. The 200-meter building was filled with a number of unique and expensive cars in an extremely short time.


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