Brabus once again magnified himself. Hell G-Coke has 900 horses and is famously fast


Up to now the most extreme modification of Class G.

General information

Introducing Class G has not been of any great importance in recent years, especially if it is based on a nearly 40-year-old car that will be next year’s next generation. Even Brabus does not need any special attention as such, as the renowned German editorial does not have a great deal of extraordinary curiosity. This is also true at the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the stand is literally scared by any adjustments to the tuning mage, plus one practically criticizing the world that it is something really extreme. Its name is Brabus 900 “ONE OF TEN”, with the brutal modified G-čko, more precisely its most expensive and extraordinary version, the Mercedes-AMG G 65. Under the hood, take the 6-liter twelve-cylinder 463 kW/ 630 hp, but the truth is that in this case in terms of traditions and customsthere was an increase in V12 volume up to 6.3 liters. The huge aggregate got bigger turbochargers, new suction, fuel injection, pre-mapped control unit and last but not least a new exhaust system.

Why this car?

The result? 662 kW/ 900 hp, torque of impressive 1500 Nm at 4200 rpm which is electrically limited to 1200 Nm of torque, and finally we have great speed data – the monstrous G-speed accelerates from 0 to 100 km/ h for 3.9 seconds, while its maximum speed is limited to 270 km/ h. Of course, modifications have not found the exterior or interior. Brabus has taken on a massive carbon fiber bodykit, added a number of new taps and secondary LED lights, the iconic box is built on the 23 “Brabus Platinum Edition and has been transformed into a luxurious 4-seater configuration, which consists of a single and fully electrically adjustable four-seat chair. It does not leave stitched leather, new decors and even a star ceiling. As the title of the edition suggests, only 10 pieces will be produced, each specimen amounting to at least € 666,000.

Bugatti Chiron has the world’s first record on his neck. The F1 pilot showed 0-400-0 km/ h in just 42 seconds

The first and probably not the last record of Chirona is in the world.

It’s not so long ago that we showed you Chiron in action because Bugatti brought us a pair of really interesting videos. So we know that the famed Molsheim can reduce the speed of 300 km/ h in 13.1 seconds, with a speed of 400 km/ h for only 32.6 seconds on the tachometer, which is a significant difference compared to the predecessor. The truth is, however, that Koenigsegg One: 1 will only give a trickle in just 11.92 seconds, not to mention Regere, whose actual data we do not know yet. However, as Bugatti mentioned in videos, it was just a trailer and now we know why. Juan Pablo Montoya himself sat behind the wheel of the new Chiron, the former Formula One driver, who is still the record holder of the record for the fastest lap in the history of F1, and he has taken another record. Hyperport under his battalion managed to accelerate from 0 to 400 km/ h and then rebuild for a breathtaking 42 seconds. In other words, Bugatti Chiron has the world’s first world record to record in history. However, we will also be interested in trying to lower the new maximum speed, but we will have to wait for a while to measure it.


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