Franco Gementi (Cornerstone): in Italy, human resources are awakening


A look at Italy from the point of view of Cornerstone OnDemand, which produces software solutions for the selection and management of human resources

In a constantly changing world of work, it is essential for companies to be able to identify the talents on the outside, attract them and keep them in their workforce. Equally important is to have a precise picture of the skills of the staff already in the company, to enhance them or make them evolve through specific training courses.

In general, to retain employee loyalty, companies must provide constant support, offer proposals for individual enhancement and professional growth, feedback on performance and recognition in some way codified and standardized.

As you can imagine, the amount of information, processes and routes is remarkable, especially for medium-large companies. Managing this information is the work of Cornerstone OnDemand, which offers SaaS solutions for talent management. The company is based in Santa Monica, but serves 2200 companies and organizations in 191 countries and 42 languages. In Italy, the company has been present for about two and a half years with a team of 10 people, led by the Regional Sales Manager Franco Gementi, whom we met during the HR Business Forum held in Milan a few weeks ago for this interview.

Computerworld Italia: What is the situation of the human resources sector in Italy?

Franco Gementi: The HR market in Italy has unfortunately suffered the reduction of investments in the last few years. Despite the need for technological solutions to support human resources, the general context has not helped the need for renewal in this area. Since the end of last year we have finally seen an “awakening” of the HR area across the board, with important initiatives and investments in the short and medium term in all sectors, including by the public administration.

CWI: Yet the labor market seems more blocked than ever, especially in the PA…

FG: It may seem a paradox “reading” the numbers provided by ISTAT, but there is in fact a growing demand by companies to equip themselves with modern tools for recruiting and managing CVs, above all to attract and be close to the new levers, often identified as Millennial or Generation Y.

The training sector is also changing rapidly, moving from classic classroom management to more digital and mobile contexts, moving from e-learning to the new Social Learning themes of increasingly frequent use among the Y generation.

CWI: What does Cornerstone offer and what are the features most requested by customers?

FG: Our offering consists of an integrated cloud platform for talent management (Cornerstone OnDemand’s Integrated Talent Management Suite) and includes a range of modular solutions designed to provide organizations with the best tools for managing all-round talent.

All Cornerstone OnDemand solutions have been fully developed in-house, thanks to a proprietary model of cloud-based products and services. This allows us to offer a single user interface, a single data model, high integration and customization of the solutions offered, a single support team and a single reporting environment.

From recruitment, onboarding, training and collaboration, to performance management, compensation, succession planning, Cornerstone solutions help organizations recruit, train, manage and connect employees, increasing their productivity and retention.

CWI: What are the latest news in the suite?

FG: Recently, we announced Cornerstone Insights, a suite of predictive analytics dashboards that apply sophisticated algorithms to personnel data, allowing managers to better use data to hire, train, manage and retain talent. Cornerstone Insights uses machine learning technologies to collect and analyze data related to each segment of an employee’s life cycle to discover relationships and act on results in real time.

Analyzing the Italian context, and based on the above commented, we can say that Italian companies are moving rapidly on the following areas: Recruiting, Learning, Performance Evaluation and Objective Management.


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