Tesla extended the range of their electric cars from a distance to help owners evade hurricane Irma


Very talkative step by Tesla.

General information

It’s no wonder that the big one is the number one weather, and hence the hurricane Irma. The evacuation of the Florida people resulted in empty pumping stations and huge traffic jams. They are not particularly good for electric car owners and their drivers, but Tesla carries a really interesting update to the situation. Inside, the US brand of the S and Model X electric cars in the weakest 60 and 60D models with a 340-kilometer long distance and free lift increases the range. The twin versions are not currently on the market, as Tesla has dropped their offer in the meantime, especially in the US, but it is pretty much the same. However, since they are equipped with the same 75 kWh (75 kWh) versions as 75 and 75D, and so their workload is limited only by software, Tesla temporarily increased their real race. He wants to help the owners safely avoid hurricane Irma, as the unlocking of the full capacity of the batteries is about 50 kilometers bigger. The update concerns the owners of Florida, but after a higher time, however, any of the owners of these versions may end up (at an additional cost). Interestingly, Tesla was officially informed of this embarrassing step only after a bunch of owners had noticed that they had a 60-ounce mark on their instrument shield but 75 and had a longer distance on one charge.

Chiron produced a spectacular sprint from 0 to 400 km/ h in just 32.6 seconds. But how did Bugatti shoot it ?!

Bugatti is starting to work on the record.

People behind the scenes of the Bugatti brand did not miss their big ambitions again at the show of successor Veyron to move the bar again and set another world record in speed. The new Chiron has arrived in the world with up to 1103 kW/ 1500 hp, under which the huge 8-liter W16-ka with four-turbochargers. Speed ​​parameters speak clear speech – the 1995-kilogram Bugatti can accelerate in a matter of hundreds in less than 2.5 seconds, in less than 6.5 seconds on the dwarf, and over a tweak in just over 13.6 seconds! This is so incredibly fascinating numbers, as it is said, paper is all-in and more important is reality. Despite the fact that technicians and people close to the brand draw attention to the maximum speed Chiron wants to improve the brand record so far, two interesting videos of a different nature have appeared on the blue social network of this car. We can see the fascinating acceleration from peace, where the new Bugatti can handle the acceleration from 0 – 300 km/ h in only 13.1 seconds.


Azda is even more interesting as the second video where we can see the sprint from the outside, in addition to the video description, Chiron was able to handle acceleration from 0-400 km/ h in only 32.6 seconds. The complete ending of the video can not be seen, and even the timer attached, may not be relevant (sometimes a bit of deceiving the mark of brands), in this case there is probably no reason to question the videos. We will soon be seeing full-featured videos where Bugatti will officially try to overcome its own world record, so mistakes are probably not planned. The paradox is that even more than the acceleration itself, people have begun to solve the Bugatti technique by making the second video. The question here is why, as this time, the filming of the well-known and traditional ML-koor Cayenne. Do you want the second Chiron or the famous M5-ka ?


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