The fastest SSD in the world is Seagate


This summer Seagate will bring the fastest SSD in the world to the data center industry.

The appointment to really discover all about the fastest SSD in the world is set in the next days at the Open Compute Project Summit, where Seagate will present a solid state drive expressly aimed at the data center sector capable of reaching a 10 GB / s throughput. However, the American producer did not provide further details on the speed in writing and reading and not on prices, while availability is given for this summer (even in this case, however, more precise details are missing).

In short, you need to take these 10 GB / s for what they are, that is a data whose nature we do not yet know (writing or reading? Random or sequential access model?). However, the fact remains that this speed is more than twice the previous record of 4 GB / s touched by Seagate with the model Nytro XP6500 and this is due to compatibility with the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol, and the ability to exploitation of 16 lines of PCI Express connectivity (the question remains whether this is PCIe 3.0 or 2.0).

Alongside these top-of-the-range models, Seagate should also offer a less performing model with 8-line connectivity capable of touching 6.7 GB / s. From the image you see below Seagate is likely to have focused on a HHHL card made up of multiple SSD M.2, but to know for sure, and to know all the other details (including storage capacity), that remains is that wait a few more days.

Just about SDI, SDN, hyperconvergence and hybrid cloud will be discussed during the new roadshow organized by Cisco and Intel in collaboration with IDC. Baptized Build on IT Simplicity and Flexibility Forum, this roadshow will be held in Rome and Milan on April 20th.

“We live in a world that is facing a process of digital transformation, both in the technological sense but also, and above all, business. The processes, the methods of communication, the storage and analysis of data, the security needs and at the same time the concept of the business that must become digital change “, emphasizes Alberto Degradi, architectural leader of Cisco Italia. “To better address this transition phase, we need to go beyond the traditional data center model and companies need to equip themselves to handle requests in continuous and rapid change. This is why the data center, the pulsating heart of the application economy, must be automated, defined by applications and guided by policies “.


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