Volkswagen has convinced us on the full line that he took extra care on the new pole


In Hamburg, Germany, we have outgrown the latest generation of one of the most successful cars in the world.

General information

Volkswagen showed us one of its most important models in recent submissions a few weeks ago. The speech, of course, is entirely new, in the order of the sixth generation of Poles, which wants to build on a particularly successful past. The five generations to date have sold up to more than 14 million units, and since the sixth sequel, the carmaker promises even greater success. Whether the Germans have no exaggerated ambitions, we went to find out in Hamburg where a dynamic presentation took place shortly before launching our news. Within this, we have had the opportunity to not only get to know the new Polom, but also to get to know its advantages but also around the second largest city in Germany to enjoy its driving characteristics and a variety of new power units. So what did the “small” Polo leave us impressed?

First of all, it is important to point out that the concept of a “small” car in the case of the latest Pola has a new dimension. Literally. The dimensions themselves (4053 x 1751 x 1446 mm) indicate that there has been a large increase in size between the generations, plus an increase of up to 9.2 centimeters in the bumper is to say that the new Polo is no longer quite small. In other words, papier’s novel is paradoxically larger than the older generations of the larger Golf class. Man will realize this especially in the interior, but later on. The exterior of the Polo does not outshine the current design language of the brand, but the front lights and the waving shape of the daylight line are indeed unconventional.You need to get used to these, but you must recognize that the lights as such are among the biggest highlight news. Of course, we will find classic halogens in the base, but at the extra cost, however, we can reach intelligent full-LED technology.

Why this car?

The rest of the body continues to hold its traditional look and nothing extra shakes, criticizing the aesthetic design of the exterior, however, is not decided on the spot. More distinctive body shades, fancy discs and many decorative elements together ( 14 shades of varnish, 12 types of discs from 14 “to 18”, the possibility of black roofs, eye-catching backlighting, etc.) with elegant shapes ensure an attractive and balanced impression. Evidence of this is our specimen, which was in the Beats equipment, a vehicle carrying a well-known audio brand. Of course, the most important thing is the superior sound equipment with a power output of up to 300 watts, as well as a range of optical individualizations, including a color patch or a bunch of plaques. Interestingly, Volkswagen has been releasing a 3-door variant with the advent of the new generation, as the interest in less practical execution has been decreasing.

A very pleasant surprise is the interior. First, it is the inner space that is awakened to the given segment. The polo is really airy inside, feeling like you feel almost like in Golfe. Indeed, the reality is that the size difference in both the longitudinal and vertical directions is actually only about 5 to 25 millimeters in the plane. The cherry on the cake is a suitcase that grew from 280 to 351 liters! For comparison, Golf has 380 liters. Consequently, a completely new layout of the individual elements of the floorboard is to be praised, not to mention a wide variety of color combinations. The completely new dashboard looks really perfect, it has excellent quality and ergonomics, but it boasts a number of technological innovations. The center console features 6.5 “to 8” high-quality clear-glass displays. The low minus can be the low-level air-conditioning outlets, but it is definitely worth the central screen in the field of vision.

Even more attention is being focused on the second generation Active Info Display with a diagonal of about 11 “. After the first meeting, we can confirm that the system not only offers new design interfaces, but animations as well as well-crafted graphics with greater resolution and highlight the need for reaction speeds and The interesting thing about this is that, unlike the facelifting Golf or new Arteon, it is not possible to make it appear on both the alarm clock and the central display to show the map at once, so you have to choose it easily. mode to display the map preview, while the screen in the center of the board will only give you instructions on the route or route.

It is clear that everyone would like to enjoy the quality of the new Polo GTI with up to 2-liter four-horsepower with 200 horsepower, unfortunately we have to wait for that. Currently, the offer of engines is focused on 1.0 MPI and 1.0 TSI trials, 1.5 TSI four-cylinder and 1.6 TDI diesel variant. However, as the new, one-and-a-half-liter EVO addition was not available yet, and the diesel one did not come interesting, we reached a 1-liter TSI with a power output of 70 kW/ 95 hp and 175 Nm combined with 5- step manual (from the power of 85 kW there is a manual 6-speed manual, no doubt, it is possible to reach even 6 and 7-speed DSG respectively). And what is the factor of three-liter triplets ?

We will not deceive ourselves and say that the external sound is simply the presence of the trival, but… Due to the absence of the balancing shaft, the aggregate is very pleasantly cultivated and if you do not shake it significantly at 3000 rpm, you do not feel very much behind the steering wheel that it is a triple. The engine does not clink at all, and almost no vibration can be felt in the idle. As it is mainly about the city car, its performance potential and dynamics will give you enough information, even the breathing does not greatly go even at higher speeds, although it is true that it matters whether you go by way of offensive or defensive shifts in the manual. With the automaton, it will be clear that the gearbox will be rotating in a great deal, so you will probably not be the king of the mice. Consumption has not been reimbursed due to the shortage of rides, but on average it should not be a problem to drive for about 5 liters.


The 5-speed gearbox is excellent, the transmission stages are quite short and their gearing is very smooth. Likewise, saving the words with praise is definitely unnecessary even in the case of the Polo, which is built on the MQB A0 platform we had on 16 “discs, comfort comfort and filtering inequalities, but you said that it is at least a number of smaller shoes. but the German paths are still a little better, so let’s wait for a full-fledged home test. After all, the new Polo has done a great job, and after the first experience it seems to be a very serial option within the segment, even with plenty of state-of-the-art technology and assistance We can also label it as one of the favorites. With a hand on the heart, we can say thatthere is really nothing to criticize. In other words, Volkswagen has invoked the verdict and, on a full line, he convinced us that with the new Polo, he really did matter! Understandably, the prize starts at $10,990.


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