10 most interesting news from the Frankfurt Motor Show, which makes it worthwhile to visit


We chose ten of the biggest attractions in Europe’s largest car showroom.

General information

He meets with a year and we have an autosalon again, and, as usual, after Paris last year, there is advice on the German one, Frankfurt. In the fifth largest city of Germany, we are witnessing the 67th International Motor Show, or if you want IAA, it is important to note that even though the biggest automobile celebration of the year is the fair in Geneva, what is the size/ size, Frankfurt is clearly the largest car showroom. In addition, it is located in Germany, and since there are a myriad of automobile brands, it can not be overlooked that it has a bit of other grats – home brands come with huge stands and spectacular presentations.

Let’s go to the point. The theme of this year’s “Future now” is that it is clear to everyone that the point is, in particular, the plethora of new technologies, led by ever more modern and intelligent systems that guarantee massive digitization. Traditionally, the opening days of the week began, but on September 14, the gates opened for the public, who will be able to visit the magnificent car show until 24 September. The price of the tickets remains virtually unchanged, but the cars are completely new, so we have prepared for you ten of the biggest attractions.

Why this car?

Audi A8

Sure, these days the Audi booth shows for the first time especially the new RS4-ka Avant and the revolutionary R8-RWS, the newest flagship of the year is the biggest and most anticipated brand new. In Frankfurt, she is breaking off her autosalon premiere, since the competent people have shown it in the summer, and the general public can see her live here. As we have become accustomed to, the design aspect is more evolving than the revolution, although the fourth generation looks much more attractive and especially slimmer. The HD Matrix-LED lights are dominated with laser beam technology at the front, while at the rear we can find interconnected headlamps with a spectacular OLED technique.

The greatest progress has been made in the interior, dominated by huge displays (12.3 “Audi Virtual Cockpit and two 10.1” screens), a minimum of buttons and a completely new concept of design and layout. The engine pallet counts 3.0 TDI, 3.0 TFSI, 4.0 TDI, 4.0 TFSI and 585-horsepower W12. S8 and the A8 L e-tron quattro hybrid plug-in will be available in time. The only gearbox is the newly developed 8-speed tiptronic with a hydrodynamic torque converter. It is worth mentioning electromechanically controlled springing system or the fact that the new generation is actually a mild hybrid – part of it is a 48 V power supply which also supplies power to a 12 V power supply.here.

Bentley Continental GT

The Grand Tourerov icon comes in its third continuation, indeed in a magnificent style. The British have given due importance not only to the aesthetic but also technical aspects. The exterior was greatly inspired by the charming concept of EXP 10 Speed ​​6, which makes us see more attractive shapes and a less cumbersome impression. Stylish and at the same time more sporty coat hides the interior, which is basically new. Behind the 3-spoke steering wheel, we can find full digital alarms, the center of the dashboard then forms a rotating panel with a 12.3-inch Bentley Rotating Display. Understandably, high-quality materials and first-class processing are reported.

Under the hood, the throne rebuilt the 6-liter W12. The resulting output is 635 horsepower and 900 Nm, making it possible to reach a maximum speed of 333 km/ h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/ h takes up the luxury GT-car weighing 2244 kilograms (intergenerationally – 80 kg) with only 3.7 seconds. The power transmission is in charge of an 8-speed double-link gearbox that ensures fast and smooth gearing. Perhaps even bigger halo than design or performance is the 48-volt Dynamic Ride, a chassis based on electric motors. This is a significant elimination of body tilt. More here.


Even the Munich stand is overwhelmed by new innovations, whether it’s a new 8-line or X7-concept. The most interesting serial production is the new M5-ka, an iconic top variant. As is customary, the top five optically took on the muscles and touched even more its shapes. The standard 19-inch wheels are available, with a gold-colored carbon-ceramic braking system at extra cost, while the interior has been thoroughly embroidered, including a carbon trim, a new radiator lever or an even more sporty M-wheel steering wheel with distinctive M1 and M2. Under no driver can set their preferences in terms of individual vehicle settings.

At the heart of the news is the 4.4-liter M8 TwinPower Turbo V8 with a power output of 441 kW/ 600 hp and a torque of 750 Nm from 1,800 rpm. The M5 accelerates from 0-100 km/ h in just 3.4 seconds, while the maximum speed is up to 305 km/ h. Notably, a specially modified 8-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic technology has been signed under famed parameters. The most important information is that the M5 is the first time in history to drive all four wheels. M xDrive promises new dynamics dimensions – Drive features can be adjusted to suit your needs, as the 4WD, 4WD Sport, 2WD modes are available. More here.

Dacia Duster

The first generation of cheap SUVs has become a huge hit and our market is extremely successful. It was a great success that decided that the second generation did not have a reason for a radical change of design, so we know DF in Frankfurt, which is quite new, but it does not look so absolute. The Dacia, with its 21 centimeters clear height, comes with refined headlights and more detailed details, but most has changed in the interior. The allegedly better sound-absorbed cockpit has gotten a more modern dashboard with better materials. In addition, the Media Nav display, which is already located above, or the fancy air conditioning controls, can be marked as a plus.

The luggage space offers 445 liters, with 376 liters in the case of the all-wheel drive version. The basic engine is 1.6 SCe 115 with a power of 85 kW/ 115 hp, the 1.2 TCe 125 with a power of 92 kW/ 125 hp and the turbo diesel engine dCi 90 with 66 kW/ 90 hp and 81 kW/ 110 hp respectively horses in the dCi 110 version. We do not recognize the prices, but they should not change.

Ferrari Portofino

The Italian manufacturer of sports cars surprised us shortly before the car show, because he basically presented nothing to the successor of the California T. In Frankfurt, so Ferrari stand up to the all-new look of a new designer who comes with a new design. While it is understandable that it replaces Californian, the more charming and modern shapes make it clear that there is a new impetus from the ground. The new cockpit is dominated by the 10.2 “central infotainment screen, but it is also worth mentioning, for example, that the new fixed-roof roof is on the all-aluminum chassis and under the hood we will find a 3.9-liter eight cylinder with a power output of 441 kW/ 600 horsesand a torque of 760 Nm The speed parameters are as follows – The Portofino sculpts in a hundred for 3.5 seconds with the speed up to 320 km/ h.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Mercedes stand is perhaps the richest on the news – a new class X, facelift S-Class coupe/ convertible, S560 hybrid, electric compact EQA, hydrogen GLC F-Cell, and not least the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Cabriolet 6. But the highlight is just one. We really took the German P1 into our recent article, so it is not very important to repeat it, but if we did not betray Project One, the selection would simply lose importance. Hyperport from the AMG workshop definitely represents the biggest stint of this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, in addition it is a “car” that is unparalleled here and in a great shock to the automotive world. So in short – a supercharged 1.6-liter six cylinder from F1 -a a four-stroke electric motor with a power output of over 1,000 hp. Unique four-wheel drive, sequential 8-speed gearbox with one clutch acceleration from 0 to 200 km/ h under 6 seconds and maximum over 350 km/ h. Manufactured will be 275 pieces, costing about € 2.25 million without tax. More here.

Seat Leon Cupra R

It can not be denied that Seat has just hit the last generation of Leon in black, especially in the Cupra version. The price and performance ratio is simply perfect, and within the concern it is a very interesting offer to the iconic GTI (or R) or the well-known Octavia RS. But the Spaniels are coming to the next level, as we know the most powerful and most exclusive serial model in the history of the brand – Leon Cupra R. The 799-piece edition boasts an ornate design with a number of carbon fiber accessories, with three shades of body – Midnight Black, Pyrenees Gray Matte Gray. The Hot-hatch from the Seat has received a modified DCC chassis, with its 2-liter TSI engine having power for the 6-speed DSG300 and 310 hp in the case of a 6-speed manual. Only front wheels are driven.

Porsche Cayenne (Turbo)

The best-selling Porsche branded car has come to its third generation, which wants to build on the tremendous success of its predecessor. Even in this case, evolution is more a matter of revolution than that of the exterior. Its shapes are almost identical, with the most distinctive difference being the rear lights. We can find out more changes in the interior where the wide 12.3 “touchscreen is dominated, significantly fewer buttons on the new center console or digital circular alarms. But we did know the new Cayenne before the car show, but Porsche presented another new version for us – the powerful Turbo version.

All four wheels twist the supercharged 4-liter V8 engine with a power of 404 kW/ 550 hp. Paper acceleration speaks for 4.1 seconds (with Sport Chrono 3.9 with echoes) and finally the maximum speed is 286 km/ h. The introduction is exclusively 8-speed Tiptronic S, the novelty is also a 48-volt electric system, which is also responsible for the control of sophisticated stabilization. An interesting novelty is that the roof spoiler has a hinged part to guarantee better aerodynamics.

Renault Mégane RS

The frantic hot-hatch from France finally saw the light of the world in its latest sequel. It was already a month of the long-awaited article, but the German car salon moves all the sails. The exterior has undergone considerable progress, so we can record the front fenders by 60 and rear by 45 millimeters. The more aggressive front bumper has been featured with LEDs, while the diffuser and the exhaust tailpipe are not at the other end of the vehicle. Standard 18 “discs are available, at extra cost it is possible to reach 19” tires, and if you ask for a variety of colored lacquers, there will be no traditional Liquid Yellow color, the new is Volcanic Orange. The cockpit has a much more sporty touch that sports sports seats, contrasting stitching, aluminum pedals and carbon decors, but the interior also does not avoid the use of Alcantara.

The drivetrain is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with a power output of 205 kW/ 280 hp and 390 Nm, but now we know that there will be approximately 300-horsepower Trophy. Only 6-speed manual gearbox or EDC 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission takes the power of the front-wheel drive alone. In addition, RS-ko receives Launch Control and Multi-Change Down, which means that it can be submerged in just a few degrees. We do not know the speed parameters so far, but perhaps the biggest tire will be the rear axle steering, 4Control.


Volkswagen T-Roc

The domestic Volkswagen stand counts, in particular, on the numerous represented generation of the new Polo, but even more attention is being drawn to the brand new brand. A small SUV, or better-spoken crossover, stands on the MQB platform, and it is truly unusual for its design, as well as the choice of two-color bodywork. The wide and expressive front mask comes with full-LED technology, an unusually wide range of individualization, but it also continues in the interior. There you will immediately experience truly extensive digitization and redefined shapes – color decors or 11.7 “Active Info Display second generation digital alarms. The strength of the news is indoor space and a 445-liter suitcase. The presence of the drive must also be appreciated4Motion, which will be pleasantly surprised by a wide range of engines – 1.0 TSI, 1.5 TSI, 2.0 TSI, 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI respectively. More here.


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