A luxury coupe that survives the end of the world or the apocalypse? One Bentley would be found, plus for sale


The vehicle was created for television purposes.

General information

Especially in recent years, in the case of aftermarket car modifications, we have witnessed such diverse creations that we are a little surprised. On eBay, however, has recently appeared an event that definitely deserves attention as it is a really interesting and bizarre vehicle. At first glance, it is clear that the Bentley Continental GT of the first generation, a luxury GT with a powerful 6-liter twelve-cylinder, is still a mile away from the model. In fact, it has a really interesting history. His first owner sold him in the past with nearly 200,000 kilometers, but was subsequently bought by National Geographic.

For the purposes of Megabuild, they have completely re-designed it, which you can see in the photos below. The luxury interior has been supposedly without any changes, the exterior can not be said. The author’s attempts were to make known Bentley in the form of Dakar vehicles, although in the end we can talk about a car that is underway in a possible apocalypse. The bucket is mounted on 17 ” 265/65 R17 tire-size steel discs, behind which are Quantum double-dimming buffers with adjustable clear height, well-known outer shapes wrapped in military foil are endowed with a protective frame, protruding fenders and additional canisters LED ramp. Understandably, the chassis, which is completely covered, has also undergone modifications, with large wheels being fitted with undercarriages and self-propelled axles. The television props with the UK’s “STK” still available for sale at a well-known portal, where the price of 23-thousand pounds shines a few days before the end of the auction.

The best-selling premium electric car in the compact class has a facelift and a new version of the i3s

The atypical electromobile has a facelift.

The BMW i3 has taken the public in a really contradictory way, which has been awaiting the Munich brands and traditions, but on the other hand it has to be said that it is essentially the most successful premium compact electric car in the world. The other side of the coin, however, says that the sales are far beyond the expectations and initial ambitions of the brand. Not only is BMW trying to improve the city electric car continuously, or even more, in Frankfurt, we will see an updated faceliftu, which comes with the new i3s version. The basic variant continues to offer 170 horsepower and 250 Nm, while the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/ h takes a small electric car for 7.3 seconds and its maximum speed is 150 km/ h. Accumulators in the floor, however, again guarantee a slightly greater mileage – in the sense of the NEDC cycle, it would have to travel about 300 kilometers for a single charge, if we were to follow the WLTP methodology, the actual running time should be around 235 up to 255 km.


A complete innovation is the i3s variant, the essence of which is an electric motor with a power of 184 hp and 270 Nm, which is why the unit preprogramming and other minor modifications. In this case, we can talk about accelerating a hundred for 6.9 with ecda and a maximum of 160 km/ h. Of course, the range is slightly lower – 280 (NEDC) and 235-245 km (WLTP), respectively. In both cases, the R EX version, ie the Range Extender version with an additional two-cylinder engine with a power of 38 hp, is still available but essentially serves only as a power generator. The result is an increase of about 150 kilometers. We’re designing new bumpers and fenders, which extend the optically electric car, and at its ends the full-LED headlamps dominate the ground. The S-version version is finally down 10 millimeters lower, has 40 millimeters more wheelbase and the standard is up to 20 “discs. The interior finally received a handful of cosmetic treatments and improved infotainment, with more than 80 percent of the parts being fully recyclable.


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