AMG revealed revolutionary HyperSport Project One. Welcome to Form 1 on ordinary trips


The propulsion system is suited to the sockets, so it is not surprising that the speed parameters are notorious.

General information

So we have him here. Mercedes-AMG Project One can be uniquely named as the most anticipated sports car of the year, despite the fact that even 2017 is far from being tested for super- or hyper-sport issues. But Mercedes-Benz, or better-spoken AMG division, celebrates its 50th anniversary, it has not been a longer secret that the celebrations will be great. But at the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the cherry tree is officially revealed at this year’s party celebration, and it’s nothing new than just a new hyper-sport. Project One, however, is something that has never been so far since engineers from Affalterbach have gone a long way, and we already know that the bar has shifted very sharply.

Why this car?

Design as such is truly unique to the atypical of the carmaker, but in the end, it goes hand in hand with technology hidden beneath the surface. In addition, hyper-sport cars have top aerodynamics alpha and omega, it can not be assumed that even in the case of P1, it was much adapted. The P1-ka delivers respect with narrow full-LED headlamps, and otherwise it is not even behind, dominated by a large-diameter diffuser and a central exhaust tailpipe. As one teaser suggested in the course of the year, a large suction hole on the roof of the throne, which, in the style of the monopost, brings air to the unit. Even the unusual discs are packed into the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, 285/35 R19 ahead and 335/30 R20 at the rear, while the multi-element specific suspension of the wheels is missing after the model. When looking into the interior, it is impossible to avoid the impression that it is a special special circuit, a proof of which is in particular a “stolen” dashboard and a multifunctional angular wheel. Current trends are represented by a pair of large-scale displays in a wide-format design, but they also take a look at the racing seats.

The most important thing is the main heart – a supercharged 1.6-liter six-cylinder engine with a power output of 529 kW/ 720 hp. As a true Formula 1 aggregate, it is capable of spinning up to 11,000 rpm in terms of traditions. Of course, due to an effort to increase durability and reliability, the unit has a modified cylinder and crankshaft. But that’s not the last word. The drive system P1-ky consists of up to 5 motors. The V6-ke is covered by a 90 kW/ 125 hp electric motor, but its task is to simply “turbo” the turbocharger regardless of the speed of the six-wheeler. This results in a complete elimination of the turbodiesel. An additional 120 kW/ 163 hp electric motor is integrated directly into the crankshaft, helping to accelerate while also helping to recover kinetic energy when braking. Finally, we have the latest, 163-horsepower pair of front-mounted electric motors, where they rotate and, at the same time, brake by recuperation. The resulting combined power of the system is over 740 kW/ 1000 hp.


Unique four-wheel drive offers a wide range of torque vectoring capabilities, with the main power transmission being ensured by a sequential 8-speed single-clutch transmission. The 100-kilogram lithium-ion accumulators are located in the floor behind the front axle, resulting in a perfect weight distribution. Project One can drive 25 kilometers purely electric drive, but faster speeds – acceleration from 0 to 200 km/ h takes less than 6 seconds, the maximum speed is over 350 km/ h. At the conclusion of a few “marginal” information – AMG guarantees the propulsion of the propulsion system for a minimum of 50,000 kilometers, there is no doubt that the hyperport will be twisted by the mechanics through continuous checks or repairs. It is true that Project One hasroad homologation and is not just a circuit gear, although it has just been developed. Mercedes-AMG values ​​its prize at € 2.25 million without taxes, creating 275 units, and the secret is not even that it is already sold out hopelessly.


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