Dependence on the smartphone affects the brain as well as drugs and increases the feeling of loneliness


Perhaps you would say that addiction is not addiction, but, for example, on modern mobile phones it is very similar to the use of narcotics. In the brain, they trigger similar reactions.

According to the most recent scientific study, too frequent use of the smartphone triggers very similar reactions to opioid use in the human brain. Researchers worked mainly with college students with the most widespread use of mobbing.

Not only does such technology use have a very negative effect on neurobiological processes in the brain, it also acts badly on our mental health. People who spend a lot of time on the phone often feel more deserted, depressed, and anxious.

“Neurological processes in the brain of addicts are very similar to those seen, for example, in people abusing opiates for pain like oxycodone,” says Erik Peper of the University of San Francisco.

According to experts, the feeling of loneliness is caused by lack of personal contact. We can’t see how people react outside the text when chatting or sending SMS. We can’t recognize the language of their bodies, so communication can be more difficult for us.

If you hold your smartphone constantly in your hands, it basically means that you are unnecessarily burdened and you have to constantly do a few things at a stroke, which also disturbs your ability to concentrate.

However, another study, published in December 2017, says something different. According to scientists from McGill University, people use mobile phones mainly because of social contact. We are not dependent on technology as such, but on socialization. Thus, devices can greatly help in the social process, especially for people who are otherwise shy, or if their personal contact simply makes a lot of trouble.

Statistics say that on average we will unlock our phone more than 28 times a day, and only a third of these cases is totally unnecessary. We will do it up to 4-thousand times a year. Those who depend on their smartphones control them more than 60 times a day.

Up to one of the three people thinks they are addicted to their mobile.

The most common apps we use are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Gmail. The ones we consider most useful are Google Maps, Whatsapp, and Gmail.


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