How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of recruiting


Artificial intelligence is changing the way companies, and in particular human resources offices, search for and hire talent.

According to Hays experts, artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to process and simplify more and more mountains of data within each organization, synthesizing them and making them easier to analyze, accessible and understandable. The labor market is no exception.

“Artificial Intelligence is an instrument not to be feared. On the contrary, the multiple benefits that its use in the recruitment sector can be assessed, can be carried out on different levels, making selection choices faster and more winning ” said Hays CEO Alistair Cox.

In particular, according to Cox, AI offers three great advantages closely linked to the world of human resources.

Screening of the most efficient candidates

A simple job announcement can generate tens of thousands of applications, many of which are unsuitable for the open position. Naturally, to identify the most suitable resources, all the CVs must be read and analyzed.

With the arrival of the AI ​​instead activities that required a large amount of time as the screening of the curricula, the description of the profiles sought and the communication with the candidates can be carried out in a few seconds. There is so much more time to devote to the human aspect of recruitment, offering a more personal service to both clients and professionals.

Artificial intelligence ensures the best candidate

Sometimes, the main cause of the failure of an employment is to be found in a lack of cultural match between the employee and the company. AI will soon allow this obstacle to be overcome. The online bulletin boards with the ads use algorithms that attract the attention of the recruiter only on the most suitable profiles for the open searches. For example, a job advertisement on LinkedIn ranks the suitability of resources using the information available in their description.

In the near future, these mathematical formulas will not only take into account technical skills, but they will become so sophisticated that they are likely to be able to analyze a candidate’s ability to adapt to the company. However, the human element will remain a fundamental part of the process in this case too.

Artificial intelligence will help to safeguard talents

Another advantage of artificial intelligence will be to be able to perceive the bad mood of a member of their team, thus giving the employer the opportunity to react promptly. For example, it will be possible to understand instantly when the amount of work within a division has increased so much as to justify the recruitment of a new resource.

Today, companies grow thanks to people and despite the excitement and fear that grows around artificial intelligence, talent management remains largely an activity based on human contact, where the “skin” sensations, founded on thousands of small facets impossible to acquire as data, they continue to play a key role in recruitment.


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