I believe the most beautiful electric car in the world. The Jaguar E-type Zero combines modern design features from the 1960s


Tesla is alert.

General information

It’s no big surprise that an increasingly heavy weight in the automotive industry is slowly starting to shift its attention to electric drive and all that is related to it.

The end of several decades of the fossil fuel era is already behind the door. Therefore, an increasing number of European countries, including France or even Germany, are missing the idea of banning the sale and use of cars powered by combustion engines. And while there is only a far-away future, the British premium watch maker leaves nothing to chance, and before the official start of the JLR Tech Fest event has shown something to be seen as a revival of the E-type sports legend.

Why this car?

The carmaker Jaguar Land Rover wants a functioning prototype to determine what would be the interest from potential customers when electric E-type Zero will bring to the consumer market.

” Our plan is to breathe new life into classic cars,” he revealed Commenting on the performance Tim Hannig, a member of the senior management automakers and current head of the division Jaguar Classic. These words basically reveal that this is not the last retro piece of their portfolio that has undergone modernization. As we have learned, among other things, after 2020, they intend to bring significantly more power-driven models.

So what are the specifications?

The Roadster carries the 60-year-old classic coat, but it’s loaded with advanced technology, including a 40 kWh battery. It will be able to provide enough juice for a 270-kilometer- long route after a full charge. The charge from zero to hundreds takes approximately six to seven hours, and in terms of acceleration, the 220 kW electric drive can accelerate from zero to less than a hundred in 5.5 seconds.


The minimalist interior of the new Jaguar E-type Zero offers a combination of wood and metal or carbon fiber material, so you can see an effort to connect classic and modern visual elements in this area. In addition, the user has two displays, one serving to display current information related to the movement of an electric car and the other by means of a finger touch control the on-board system.

More visual details can be found in the images below.


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