The only specimen of a rare lost Ferrari was found in Japan after 40 years. The auction will be sold for nearly 2 million


The car has no colleague of its kind.

General information

Automobile collectors sometimes make an unspeakable price, then they all happen to happen on the farm and in the stables, or their last owner locks himself in the garage for 40 years and lets them just get hurt. The latest case concerns the unique Italian Ferrari 365 GTB/ 4 Daytona Berlinetta Alloy by Scaglietti, manufactured in 1969. Although more than 1,200 Ferrari 365 GTB/ 4 Daytona cars were produced between 1969 and 1973, the remote Japan finds thanks to its characteristics far ahead of them. In its 48 years, the only Ferrari 365 GTB/ 4 Daytona with an aluminum body remains, so its price is estimated at more than 1.5 million euros.

In fact, the car produced five of these aluminum body models, but four of them were designed exclusively for the racing track, and this model is forgotten in the Japanese garage as the only specimen of its kind. Stihol came to see the expert right from the Italian carmaker and confirmed its originality, and it was thanks to the fact that 40 years had almost no value for him. Ferrari spent more than 30,000 kilometers in his life, and only a handful of cosmetic treatments were made in Japan, so he is still in perfect shape, and even though he has not restored him, the beginning of September is a tough fight for collectors who want a unique copy add to your paradise.

Tesla Model X defeated Lamborghini Aventador SV in a mile square and created a new world record as the fastest SUV

The electric car is not afraid of the harshest competition.

Tesla carries wonders with its electric cars, and it has also been confirmed in the experiment, which was hanged a few days ago by the well-known Drag Times Channel. In the quarter-mile race, the most powerful model Tesla Model X P100D and Lamborghini Aventador SV opposed. At first glance, one could think that the Tesla SUV will have no chance against one of the hottest super sports in the world, but the opposite proved to be true. The instantaneous power output of the electric drive led to a 400-meter-long electric SUV being dominated and the target was 0.05 seconds before Aventador.


There is no doubt that if the track was only a few yards long, Lamborghini would be defeated by Tesla, but the quarter mile mileage is set to the most efficient performance and the fastest speeds for a short distance, with the reaction time coming in the Tesla driver is a bit shorter. Tesla Model X has been able to add to its world record that is not officially confirmed as the fastest SUV in the world, with 400 meters in 11.4 seconds. At mile mile race, a whole set of times, from the start to finish, to the reaction time of individual drivers, is what you can read a great analysis on Road and Track.


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